Alfa Beer

Greek Darts Festival 2019 is proud to announce a partnership with Alfa Beer. The ALFA beer was born in 1961 in laughter, tears, tensions. In all these powerful moments that characterized this era. In real human relationships. The seasons, however, have changed and ALFA has slowly fallen out of focus for nearly 30 years. However, time did not change it, but instead helped her to maintain her values both in time and in the minds of those who had accompanied many special moments of her life with her special flavor. 
All players will be happy to enjoy Alfa Beer at our venue during the Greek Darts Festival 2019.

” Be there, Challenge your limits!”

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  1. Hello Graham, from the top menu just click on venue and look for the button “ALL INFO” if you missing informations you can also contact the hotel.. +30 211 411 3136

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